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8 years of building future of design together

8 years has passed like a moment.

Long time a go we had a vision. To lift up design scene. To boost it. To help Balkan designers to be paid for their design work, to not ever be cheated and coned and to live of their hard work. And for companies to start investing in and appreciating design. For all of them to have great, new online platform for connecting designers with clients. Where whole process would be digitalised, modern and easy. A place where everyone would be safe, sound and happy. We connected both sides in the best possible way. And so Geelancer has risen.

More than 800 clients gave their trust in our designers – Geelancers. Lots of big, well known companies, but also those smaller ones, startups, entrepreneurs, got great quality design via online design contests on Geelancer. Many others worked directly with designer and thus got awesome design.

We are proud of big numbers of our small startup:

  • Sucess rate is through the roof! Around 94%. That means there is almost none of unhappy clients😎
  • Average designers prise per contest is astonishing 120 EUR 💵
  • Clients got, in average, 170 ideas (works) per contest 😱
  • We have paid out more than five and a half milion RSD to desginers 💪

But, we have seen that is not enough. Balkan is not enough. Some things must be changed. Modernised. Improved. Not only for Balkan designers, but for the whole world. And there is something new coming. Something great. We cannot wait to show it to you. It will be awesome. We are working hard on many changes that are coming.

Thank you for your support and love you have been showing all these years.


Welcome. We provide clients with great quality design. /// Dobrodošli. Mi povezujemo dizajnere sa onima kojima je dizajn potreban.

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