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We believe that none of us has ever dreamed of what would happen this year. Coronavirus has taken many lives, endangered the health of all the people and slowed down the economy of all countries. We are all experiencing difficult, unprecedented times. There are also massive layoffs, businesses are cutting investment and other budgets, and people are, after everything, fighting with fear, tensions and even depression. This is a challenging period which we must overcome together.

One of the crucial things every individual must do is to stay at home. If he can, of course. As much as he can. To lower the risks. We are championing secure, easy and better ways of doing business and living through online eCommerce and online way of life, for a long time. Now, that way of life is important, more than ever. Including working with designers in new, modern fashion – via the internet. Because, this way of life was convenient long before this crisis, but now it literally saves lives.

During this crisis, Geelancer is continuing to function without any problems. Many have financial problems, and Geelancer has always paid designers in record times. There was never a time where the designer had to wait more than 5 days for his earned money. Clients who are in need of great design will get their design contests and GeeMee jobs published also in record times. We know designers need their earnings and clients need their design. We are here to help. That is why we have made some important decisions:

  1. We will continue to strive to pay designers in record times. Now even quicker. We will try to shorten the time to only one or two days. We believe that will really help you in this difficult times.
  2. All clients with active design contests or recently finished ones will get free duration extension if they need more time to pick a winner and view all design works. All they need to do is to contact us and we will extend their design contests.
  3. With great financial shock all entrepreneurs, business and clients are experiencing we have decided to give all clients who need great design a huge discount of 50%. Discount is applied on Geelancer fee for running the design contests or GeeMee design job, not on the prize for the designer. Designer must be paid in full. All that clients have to do is start a design contests or GeeMee job with a designer and enter the promo code GEESAFE. This will be possible until the end of April.
  4. All designer who wishes to promote their Geelancer portfolio will have a 90% discount. They will pay a symbolic price because we believe every designer should reach as many clients as possible, especially in these difficult times. This discount can be used with promo code GEEDESIGNER. All that designer should do is head over to his portfolio, and click on “highlight profile” and enter the promo code. We suggest designers to choose the maximum period of promotion, which is 60 days. This promo code will be active until the end of March.
  5. All designers who invite clients to do a design job over Geelancer will get a smaller fee for escrow payout of 3%. And their clients will get 70% fee discount on creating design job. This will be possible when the designer invites his client and tells him this unique promo code GEEMEEINVITE which the client will enter while creating GeeMee job offer to that designer. After the job is done, that designer will get a smaller fee of 3%.

We hope this will help you in these difficult times because your welfare, security and safety is of utmost importance to us.

We believe that together we can do everything and that we will win this!


Welcome. We provide clients with great quality design. /// Dobrodošli. Mi povezujemo dizajnere sa onima kojima je dizajn potreban.

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