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Surround yourself with the best: Geelancer Mint partnership

For every success story you have to surround yourself with smart and positive people. Toxic ones kill every chance and will for improvement, as personal as professional. Same thing goes for companies. Because they are made of people. And if a company is not surrounded with successful and proactive companies there will be no real success.

Because of that, we in Geelancer, always tend to be around best examples of modern entrepreneurship, fair and quality business practice and business relations. So we could also prosper. And advance. Every single day, more and more. For a long time (since 2015.) we have awesome partnership with hosting service Mint. But it is no ordinary cooperation. It is much bigger than that.

Even we are still (for now) “only” Balkan (region) startup, we already have big hosting requirements which are not easy to fulfil. We need great, reliable hosting. Cloud hosting is something that gives us security in adequate and effective running of our internet service. Speed and availability is of great importane, at any given time. Because designers does not sleep. They work, day and night. Clients, from all over the world create design contests and projects all the time. Day and night. Everything must work impeccable. But we need more than that. We implemented SSL certificates and accomplished biggest security rating A+ from the start. By which we have improved our security standards. Support is also of great importance. In any kind of business. Offline or online. It does not matter. Personally, it almost never happened for our user to wait for support ticket reply more than few hours. We introduced the urgent support standard. No bs called “24 hours reply” and you wait 3 or 5 days. No. We do not want that. Actually, in most cases we respond within minutes, up to 30 minutes. When you add system automated mails, you understand why we need reliable and awesome email business service. That is why we found true partner and friend in Mint.

During all these years of our cooperation, we came to realise we need to up the game even further. To go to the next level. New Geelancer design platform will soon see the light of day and be fully global, so our operational need are way, way bigger. So we are, together, planing new services for our clients and designers to the joy of all our users.

Many of new possibilities and services that will be available on Geelancer we cannot speak of, yet. But you will see soon. We thank our friends at Mint for being truly awesome support and cannot wait for future to come. We will jump every obstacle and overcome any challenge that come to our way. Future will be very interesting. Very.


Welcome. We provide clients with great quality design. /// Dobrodošli. Mi povezujemo dizajnere sa onima kojima je dizajn potreban.

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