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Geelancer 2.0. is coming

Dear designers and clients, we have all been waiting long for this great moment. Geelancer 2.0. is coming! Soon, we will become first, totally global internet service and startup, from Serbia.

Geelancer design freelance marketplace will be suitable for mobile and tablet devices, multilingual, multi-currency and will enable clients and designers, from all over the world, to work easier than ever before.

That is, of course, not all. New Geelancer will bring tectonic changes, not only for existing users of our service but on the design and freelancer market, as a whole. Designers will just love new features on Geelancer, because it will give them benefits of doing business easier, cheaper and more secure, over our new GeeMee™️service inside Geelancer.

In the future days, we will publish a series of texts about all new features and changes that are happening. And first and foremost are total automatisation of file exchange within design contests or in GeeMee, after a design contest or design job is successfully done between designer and client.

New Geelancer platform will be live on 25.12.2019. On that day new terms of use will apply. Thay will further strengthen the bond between all of us, and make doing business over Geelancer more secure.

We ask all our users for patience in the first couple of days since the launch of our new platform because there could be some bugs and technical errors. If you see any of them please contact us immediately over our contact form.

Upon new platform arrival users will have to:

1) Add their phone numbers in their profiles
2) Check if all of their portfolio works have been successfully transfered
3) Set avatar and bio again
4) Choose design categories that best describe them, in the new portfolio, in order to better and easier connect with future clients

We advise users to download their complete portfolio from the current platform, save them onto their devices and upload again if necessary.

All users that are not compliant with new Terms of use can ask for account deactivation.

Thank you for being an incredible part of this huge design family <3


Welcome. We provide clients with great quality design. /// Dobrodošli. Mi povezujemo dizajnere sa onima kojima je dizajn potreban.

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